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2017 | 70 | 2 | 189-200
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SOURCE’S and SINKs in Phases of Matter

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The space-time geometry around a photon was held constant despite the photon sources speed relative to a reflector, in a previous publication [1]. This resulted in the conservation of energy and momentum being balanced for a reflection, when motion of a reflector occurs after a reflection, relative to a reflector and a photon sources perspective, for the first time, to the author’s knowledge. As a result, photons from moving sources have energies that are not equal to the energies observed. As photon sources moving towards and away from a reflector reflects photons, there may be mechanisms where energy deficient photons and photons with excess energy, compared to what is observed, acquire energy and disperse energy from and to its surroundings, respectively, so a reflection can occur. A reflector can be in a solid, liquid or a gas, where each phase presents possible sources of energy, for energy deficient photons, and possible sinks for photons with excess energy. No discreet and non-discreet energies associated with the phases of matter are disregarded as a possible source or sink, as this may delay detection of energy deficient photons and photons with excess energy, where tests for their detection are suggested.
Physical description
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