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2011 | 2 | 85-91
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Suevit (impaktyt) w kolekcji meteorytów dr. Jacka Siemiątkowskiego

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Suevite in the Jacek Siemiątkowski Collection
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Petrographic and microtextural analyses were done on the thin section of an impactite from the Jacek Siemiątkowski Collection of Meteorites (ING PAN OB Wrocław). Two types of textures, crystalline and glassy are distinguishable. In each of them, mineral and rock fragments are deformed in different way and to various degree. One can distinguish: biotite kink bands, irregularly fractured quartz grains, twins of feldspar crystals. Moreover there are visible textures such as planar deformation features in quartz and feldspar grains, diaplectic and polymineral – lechatelierytic glasses. All the observed textures may testify the origin of the rock. The slightly deformed fragments and strongly deformed ones developed during the compression phase of the crater formation at different distance from a projectile and the crater centre. This event was followed by excavation of deformed material and its redeposition in the crater filling. The rock was recrystallised afterwards, which is inferred from the presence of the decorated PDFs and subgrains in some dynamically recrystallised quartz grains.
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