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2016 | 56 | 158-177
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A New Approach to Social Differentiation: Social Estates

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The paper offers an ownership-based approach to class, economic ownership being defined in terms of rent. It is also stressed that there is a need for a distinction between a socio-economic and juristic approach to property, the latter being in fact far more common in the social sciences. The theoretical framework laid out in the paper draws on some Marxian ideas, though it goes beyond what the author of "Capital" had explicitly to say on social class. The reader's attention could be drawn to the conceptual innovation in the form of the notions of lumpenclasses and quasi-classes. The former concept refers to the structure of social differentiation pertinent to the unofficial economy, while the latter is concerned with , for the most part, non-working women.
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  • Ordinary Professor, Chair, Social Differentiation, Adam Mickiewicz University, Poznan, Poland
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