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2018 | 104 | 478-492
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Trends and forecasts of red meat consumption in the world and in Poland in the years 2015 – 2025

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The work was aimed at presenting the consumption of red meat, beef, pork, mutton in 2015 and consumption trends in 2025. Data from Central Statistical Office, Eurostat, OECD and FAO were used to determine current and forecast consumption in the world. According to OECD-FAO data, meat consumption per capita in 2016. in the European Union amounted to 65.7 kg. According to the OECD forecasts, in 2025 meat consumption in the world will be: 30.4kg of poultry meat, 23.1kg of pork meat, 14.3kg of beef and veal and 1.3 mutton perperson.
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  • Student Scientific Club of Agricultural Engineering, Faculty of Natural Sciences, Siedlce University of Natural Sciences and Humanities, Siedlce, Poland
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