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2020 | 143 | 53-66
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Solutions of a class of singular linear systems of difference equations. Part 1

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We extend results of Campbell, Meyer, Jr. and Rose of applications of the Drazine inverse to linear systems of differential equations with singular constant coefficients to solutions of linear systems of difference equations A x_(n+1)+B x_n= f_n ,n≥0 when A and B are m×m complex matrices and may both singular, under conditions that rank(A)=1 and trace of A is not equal zero. f_n is an arbitrary function in C^m, and x_n∈C^m. We give a new closed form for all solutions of those systems when they are tractable, using the theory of the Drazin inverse, and a matrix K∈C^(m×m).
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  • Department of Mathematics, Faculty of Science, Sabratha University, Sabratha, Libya
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