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2016 | 7 | 27-35
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Reevesyt i jarosyt – nowe wtórne fazy w meteorycie Morasko

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Reevesite and jarosite – the new secondary phases in Morasko meteorite
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Numerous investigations of Morasko meteorites, have so far identified many secondary mineral phases like: goethite, lepidocrocite, akaganeite, siderite, calcite, ankerite, awaruite, nickel native as well as vivianite. Recently studies on a new found meteorites Morasko, allowed the identification of more secondary minerals. They are represented by: aragonite CaCO3, chukanovite Fe2(CO3)(OH)2 and hellyerite (Ni[CO3]·6H2O) (Karwowski et al. 2011). More detailed analysis of the above phases revealed a new secondary phases, which are represented by: reevesite (Ni6Fe3+2CO3(OH)16·4H2O) as well as jarosite (KFe3+3(OH)6(SO4)2).
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