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2020 | 143 | 127-138
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Solutions of a class of singular linear systems of difference equations. Part 2

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We extend results of Campbell of the linear systems of differential equations A x ̇+ Bx=f when A and B are rectangular, and results of Kanan of solution of a class of singular linear systems of difference equations A x_(n+1)+ Bx_n=f_n when A and B are square, to such systems of difference equations when A and B are rectangular. Explicit solutions of the last one are derived for several cases. One such is, when the matrix (λA+B) is one-to-one, another case is when such matrix is onto, for a scalar λ∈C. Also, explicit solutions are derived for the case that A is onto, and for the case that B is onto.
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  • Department of Mathematics, Faculty of Science, Sabratha University, Sabratha, Libya
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