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2010 | 15 | 127 - 134
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Chitosan as a dietary supplement has been used in the treatment of obesity due to its capability of binding bioactive compounds. A molecule of a cationic polymer, such as chitosan, may bind acid drugs. The aim of the study was to determine the binding capability of Ketoprofen and Naproxen sodium salt by chitosans contained in weight-loss supplements. The drug absorption was investigated by means of a dynamic method in a biopharmaceutical model imitating in vitro conditions including the required level of nutrients. Mean absorption of drugs by chitosan ranged from 92% to 96% depending on the environmental pH. The highest absorption rate was observed at above pH 7. Concluding, the studies confirmed that the investigated drugs interact with chitosan, what leads to decrease in their amount and affects the bioavailability of the drugs.
127 - 134
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