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2017 | 67 | 2 | 365-389
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Effect of SHIFTZCC codes for Optical CDMA system

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In this paper, we propose a novel SAC-OCDMA code called Shift Zero Cross Correlation (SHIFTZCC) code with zero cross correlation property to minimize the Multiple Access Interface (MAI), to be more scalable and secure compared to the other existing SAC-OCDMA codes. This SHIFTZCC code is constructed using address segment and data segment. In this work, the proposed SHIFTZCC code is implemented in an optical network using the Opti-System software for the spectral amplitude coded optical code division multiple access (SAC-OCDMA) scheme. The chief advantage of the proposed SHIFTZCC code is the zero cross correlation property, which reduces both the MAI and other noises improving the system performance. The proposed SHIFTZCC code provides flexibility in selecting the code parameters, supports a large number of users with higher data rate and longer fiber length. Simulation results prove that the optical code division multiple access system based on the proposed SHIFTZCC code supports maximum number of simultaneous users with higher transmission rate, lower bit error rates (BER) and longer travelling distance without any signal quality degradation, as compared to the former existing SAC-OCDMA codes.
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  • Department of Electronics Engineering, IGIT, Sarang, India
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