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2019 | 120 | 2 | 246-249
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Pleroneura coniferarum (Hartig, 1837) (Hymenoptera, Symphyta, Xyelidae) – a sawfly species new for the Polish fauna

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The paper provides the information about Pleroneura coniferarum (Hartig) of the family Xyelidae newly recorded from Poland: a female of this species has been collected in the vicinities of Nowy Sącz. Diagnostic characters of both central-European representatives of the genus Pleroneura Konow are summarized in the table at the end of the work.
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  • Department of Forest Protection and Ecology, Warsaw University of Life Sciences, ul. Nowoursynowska 159/34, 02-776 Warsaw, Poland
  • Department of Forest Protection and Ecology, Warsaw University of Life Sciences, ul. Nowoursynowska 159/34, 02-776 Warsaw, Poland
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