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2016 | 54 | 180-190
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Molecular Phylogenetic relationships among the species of geckos in Adams’peak in Sri Lanka

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In the current study we attempt to identify the relationship of among geckos species that are surviving in Adam’s peak Sri Lanka. A ten month survey was undertaken to document the diversity and abundance of geckos at the Adam’s peak in Sri Lanka. By using molecular data, the aim was to genetically characterize the species of geckos occurring along directions in Adam’s peak and phylogenetically relate these to other different parts of the world. A total of 79 individuals of gecko’s tails and eggs were captured in four different areas in Adam’s peak. We use 373 bp of RAG1 to detect the gene location and DNA sequence data to recover phylogenetic relationships and elucidate a biographic pattern and close relationship among geckos. According to the morphological identification suggested that gecko’s tail specimens belonged to several species and the molecular detection method confirmed the gene pool is differentiated among the population. Analysis of sequences of the RAG1 region from gecko species confirmed that the samples belonged to family Gekkonidae with the different gene population.
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  • Marine Biological Resources Division, National Aquatic Resources and Development Agency (NARA), No15, Crow Island, Colombo 15, Sri Lanka
  • Genetech Molecular Diagnostics And School Of Gene Technology, Colombo, Sri Lanka
  • Department of Microbiology, Faculty of Medicine, University of Peradeniya, Peradeniya, Sri Lanaka
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