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2018 | 104 | 423-433
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A New Evangelization in the life of the family and the church

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The Church is at all times guiding the truth and credibility of the Gospel. Reflecting on the role of the New Evangelization in the family, it is worth stopping at the concept and meaning of the family. The family is holy, as St. John Paul II is a place where life is properly protected and can develop. The family is a community of people who aspires to eternal life. In Christian terms, the family is a community of parents and children built on the relationship of man and woman. As the Dogmatic Constitution on the Church of Lumen Gentium emphasizes, the family is referred to as the home church. This is where the functions of the Church are fulfilled: priesthood, royal and prophetic.
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  • Theological Faculty, University of Opole, 1 B Wojciecha Drzymały Str., 45-342 Opole, Poland
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