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2019 | 122 | 249-254
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Tropical snail Melanoides tuberculata Müller, 1774 (Thiaridae) found in thermally polluted canal in Central Poland

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Freshwater snails Melanoides tuberculata are among the most commonly kept aquarium molluscs. Their ability to rapidly grow population and a relatively low cost contribute to uncontrolled introductions in new areas by irresponsible owners. The species has been recorded so far in several countries of Western Europe, as well as in Poland, where it was able to settle a stable population in the thermally polluted system of Koninskie Lakes. The paper describes a new statement of this species in the Żerań Canal in Warsaw, Central Poland, where environmental molluscs of the Corbicula genus have also been noted. Four adult snails with black color of spirally twisted shells have been caught. No epibionts were observed on the snails, which could get into the environment with the molluscs. Due to large fluctuations in the temperature of the water in the Canal and its direct connection with the Vistula, it is recommended to cover the site with regular monitoring to determine the potential threat posed by the presence of the Melanoides tuberculata species.
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  • Department of Genetics and Animal Breeding, Faculty of Animal Sciences, Warsaw University of Life Sciences, ul. Ciszewskiego 8, 02-786 Warsaw, Poland
  • Laboratory of Marine Organisms Reproduction, Faculty of Food Sciences and Fisheries, West Pomeranian University of Technology, ul. Kazimierza Królewicza 4, 70-001, Szczecin, Poland
  • Veterinary Clinic “Lavia-Vet”, Jasionka 926, 36-002, Jasionka, Poland
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