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2019 | 116 | 62-90
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Optimization of polycondensation process of alkyd resin synthesis from modified Picralima nitida seed oil suitable for surface coating of metal

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The potential of synthesizing an air drying alkyd resin through polycondensation of non-drying Picralima nitida seed oil (PNSO) was investigated. The structural elucidation of the raw PNSO, de-saturated PNSO and PNSO based alkyd resin were evaluated using FTIR. Design matrix and response Surface methodology were used to model the process variables. Artificial neural network was further used to examine the sensitivity analysis of the studied process variables. The results obtained showed that modified PNSO has high drying rate in the presence of drying agent, exhibit excellent adhesion, abrasion and chemical properties. Optimum responses of 82% conversion, viscosity of 269 cp and molecular weight average of 4434 g/mol were predicted at a temperature of 260 ºC, time of 134 mins, oil ratio of 0.286, catalyst concentration of 0.062 wt and a stirring rate of 595rpm. Correspondent experimental results using the same optimal conditions gave optimum conversion of 83% of alkyd resin, viscosity of 271cp and MWA of 4440 g/mol.
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  • Department of Chemical Engineering, Chukwuemea Odumegwu Ojukwu University, Anambra State, Nigeria
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