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2021 | 26 | 71-79

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The aim of this research was to develop a bioadhesive film based on benzydamine hydrochloride incorporated into natural bioadhesive polymers with different quantities of chitosan and guar gum but utilising a plasticiser. The obtained gels were deaerated by sonification, formed and evaporated by hot air drying; then, the properties were evaluated. Guar gum had a great influence on mechanical properties of the films – dynamic viscosity, texture, elasticity, stretching robustness, swelling and blur time. The formulations were used to obtain mucoadhesive films containing 0.3% benzydamine hydrochloride; they were tested for the release of the model drug. The amount of chitosan added to the formulation reduced the quantity of released substance and slowed down the release. Fouriertransform infrared spectroscopy did not reveal the creation of new chemical structures. In conclusion, the ratio of chitosan to guar gum in the medium impacts the mechanical properties and release parameters of the drug. These findings should enable researchers to match the parameter values to receive the most beneficial therapeutic outcome.






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  • Department of Drugs Form Technology. Faculty of Pharmacy. Wroclaw Medical University


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