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2019 | 127 | 3 | 248-259
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Heat Conduction Analysis of a Hollow Sphere made of Three Different Layers of Materials

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A systematic arrangement has been gotten for the transient issue of three-dimensional multilayer heat conduction in a circle with layers in the spiral course. The arrangement strategy can be connected to an empty circle or a strong circle made out of a few layers of different materials. By and large, the partition of factors connected to 3D round directions has interesting attributes because of the nearness of related Legendre works as the eigenfunctions. Additionally, an eigenvalue issues the azimuthal way likewise requires arrangement; once more, its properties are one of a kind inferable from periodicity the azimuthal way. In this way, broadening existing arrangements in 2D round directions to 3D circular directions isn't clear. In a round facilitate framework, one can explain a 3D transient multilayer heat conduction issue without the nearness of fanciful eigenvalues. A 2D tube shaped polar facilitate framework is the main other case in which such multidimensional issues can be tackled without the utilization of nonexistent eigenvalues. The nonappearance of nonexistent eigenvalues renders the arrangement philosophy fundamentally increasingly valuable for pragmatic applications. The strategy portrayed can be utilized for all the three kinds of limit conditions in the external and inward surfaces of the circle. The arrangement method is shown on an illustrative issue for which results are gotten.
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  • Department of Mechanical Engineering, CUET, Chittagong, Bangladesh
  • Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, RUET, Rajshahi, Bangladesh
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