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2012 | 3 | 17-29
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Zapis geochemiczny wymierania K/T świadectwem katastrofy kosmicznej

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Geochemical record of K/T extinction certificate of cosmic catastrophe
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The most important event in the study causes of K/T extinction became Alvarez results of 1980. They were the first, by examining the position in Gubbio and Stevns Klint, suggested a link between high values of the platinum elements in the sediment and the extinction 65 million years ago. For a thorough analysis of the geochemical anomalies is necessary continuous sedimentary record on the K/T boundary. Because of the stratigraphic gap in the Central Valley of Vistula iridium content test results were inaccurate. In 2008 discovered the first complete record of iridium anomalies in eastern Poland, in Lechówka quarry.
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