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2018 | 99 | 119-132
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Concentric Vs. Eccentric Loading on Different Shapes of CFST Columns: A Theoretical Investigation on Axial Compressive Strength According to AISC Guidelines

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The Steel-concrete composite column can be an effective solution for any type of civil engineering construction instead of bare concrete or bare steel column because of having a good confinement effect between steel and concrete. Four types of shapes (square, rectangular, circular and elliptical) are chosen to find out their bearing capacity and axial compressive strength according to AISC (2010) guidelines. It is tried to make differences between these shapes. And it is also tried to keep the same cross-sectional dimension in the area of each shape. The main features which are found from this investigation are that circular shape has a good confinement effect and cost-effective than other shapes. Though the capacity of the square shape of CFST column is better than circular but it loses its confinement effect because of having sharp edges. And a square type of shape is suitable for easy connection. On the other hand, rectangular shape is better than elliptical shape.
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  • Department of Civil & Structural Engineering, Bangladesh University of Engineering & Technology, Dhaka, Bangladesh
  • Department of Civil & Structural Engineering, Bangladesh University of Engineering & Technology, Dhaka, Bangladesh
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