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2018 | 9 | 17-29
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Kierunek przylotu oraz parametry fizyczne meteoroidu Morasko wraz z ich implikacjami dla elipsy rozrzutu – wnioski z badań numerycznych

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The direction of impact and dynamic parameters of the Morasko meteoroid together with their implications for the strewn ellipse – insight from numerical modeling
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The Morasko strewn field located near Poznań, in Poland is an excellent example of well preserved strewn ellipse with several small hypervelocity impact craters. Although many studies on this crater field has been conducted since the first meteorite finding in 1914, the discussion of the strewn ellipse, its shape, size and direction is still ongoing. The proper answers on many questions concerning the Morasko impact can be given by numerical modeling. In this paper the implications of the Morasko meteoroid entry parameters on the observed strewn ellipse are presented. It is shown by numerical modeling, that the Morasko impact occurred from the NE direction, with the shallow horizontal angle. The strewn ellipse size is modeled together with the number of big meteorites which probably remain in the Morasko reserved area deep in the ground. The results described in this paper clearly indicate that the strewn ellipse related to the Morasko fall is elongated no more than several kilometers and contain over a dozen meteorites weighting more than 100 kilograms.
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