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2016 | 44 | 13-34
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Solubility of pyrimidine derivatives in different organic solvents at different temperatures

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The objective of this study was to measure and correlate the solubility of pyrimidine derivatives in five different solvents namely chloroform, N,N-dimethylformamide, tetrahydrofuran, 1,4-dioxane and ethyl acetate from 298.15 to 328.15 K under atmospheric pressure of 0.1 MPa using gravimetric method. The characterization of all the synthesized compounds was done by IR, NMR and mass spectra. The modified Apelblat and Buchowski-Ksiazczak λh equations were used to correlate the experimental solubility data. Using Van’t Hoff and Gibb’s equations, some thermodynamic parameters such as Gibb’s free energy, enthalpy and entropy of dissolution were evaluated from solubility data. It is found that solubility increases with temperature.
Physical description
  • Physical Chemistry Laboratory, Department of Chemistry, Saurashtra University, Rajkot - 360005 (Gujarat), India
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