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2017 | 65 | 160-170
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Effect of Raw Extract of Hybanthus enneaspermus (L.) F. Muell. on the Fertility Test in Female Mice (Mus musculus L)

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Hybanthus ennespermus (L.) (Violaceae) has no toxicity asper the earlier reports of fertility traditional medicine used by the tribal people of Grizzled Giant Squirrel Wildlife Sanctuary, Srivilliputur, Southern India. In the present study, fertility effect of Hybanthus enneaspermus (Violaceae) whole part of plant evaluated in adult female mice (Mus musculus). Raw extract of Hybanthus enneaspermus (REHE) was administered orally at the doses of 100 mg/kg body weight for a duration of 30 days and normal salinw (0.9%) to control groups. There were no significance changes in the body weight (P<0.05). The Possibility of marked increase in serum estradiol level (P<0.05) significantly. Administered of REHE in mice did not show any variation in the hematological and biochemical parameters. It is raw extract of Hybanthus enneaspermus (REHE) showed on above result indicated that this alcoholic free extract of Hybanthus ennaespermus confirm the fertility effect of above study.
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  • Department of Zoology, A.V.C. College (Autonomous), Mannampandal - 609 305,Mayiladuthurai, Tamil Nadu, India,
  • Department of Botany, A.V.C. College (Autonomous), Mannampandal - 609 305, Tamil Nadu, India
  • Department of Botany, A.V.C. College (Autonomous), Tamil Nadu, India
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