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2017 | 8 | 30-39
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Badania mössbauerowskie siarczków żelaza w chondrytach zwyczajnych typu LL

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Mössbauer studies of iron sulphides present in ordinary chondrites type LL
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Mössbauer measurements of three ordinary chondrites type LL were performed at room temperature. Values of spectral areas (SA) connected with troilite were different for investigated meteorites: for Oued el Hadjar – 4.8%, for Bjurböle – 10.6%, for NWA 8590 – 14.9%. Mössbauer spectra were fitted with the use of Recoil program. In all samples values of internal magnetic field and theta angle for subspectrum of troilite were the same: H = 31 T, theta=62°. In the sample of Bjurböle meteorite the signal from pyrrhotite was also noticed (SA = 1.7%, H = 25 T, theta = 33°). For meteorite NWA 8590 two subspectra of pyrrhotite were fitted with following parameters: for pyrrhotite I (SA = 1.1%, H = 27 T, theta= 41°), for pyrrhotite II (SA = 0.7%, H = 22 T, theta = 33°). It is easy to notice that the presence of pyrrhotite is correlated with higher amount of troilite in the samples of ordinary chondrites type LL.
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