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2018 | 102 | 101-115
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To the synthesis of classical and quantum physic

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The possibility has been validated to adjust fundamental differences between classical mechanics and quantum mechanics from the position of the wave theory of matter structure. A derivation of the Planck radiation law has been offered proceeding from the assumption the wave is a true quantum of radiation. The principles of photoeffect have been explained from the positions of classical phisycs and supplemented with consideration of the photoelectric yield. The law of forming spectral series has been obtained with no involvement of quantum numbers and no assumption of electron orbit-to-orbit transition. A deterministic derivation of the Schrödinger stationary wave equation has been given as excluding the necessity of its probability interpretation. The possibility has been shown to construct in unified manner mechanics of macro- and microprocesses considering discretness of wave processes.
Physical description
  • Institute of Integrative Investigations, Haifa, Israel
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