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2017 | 17 | 1 | 67-72
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The aim of the study was to evaluate the effect of electropuncture, i.e. the stimulation of acupuncture points by TENS electrotherapy, on non-specific neck pain and the associated symptoms regularly reported. 16 participants, 10 female and 6 male, completed the study. A TENS machine with a point electrode was used to stimulate a selection of acupuncture points. The primary outcome measure was the intensity of neck pain as measured by changes in scores on pain VAS, the secondary measure was the degree of the associated symptoms regularly reported such as headaches, restriction in daily activities, stress, troubled sleep and general health satisfaction. The results showed that participants who received 3 treatments over 8-14 days experienced a significant short-term reduction in neck pain and restriction in daily activities immediately after the treatment and at 1-month post-intervention follow-up. Our findings also show improvement in the intensity of headaches, degree of stress, quality of sleep and general health satisfaction but the changes were not statistically significant. The present pilot study suggests that stimulation of acupuncture points by the means of TENS electrotherapy may effectively reduce neck pain.
  • School of Health Sciences in Katowice, Medical University of Silesia, Poland
  • School of Health Sciences in Katowice, Medical University of Silesia, Poland
  • School of Health Sciences in Katowice, Medical University of Silesia, Poland
  • Institute of Computer Science, Faculty of Computer Science and Material Science, Silesian University, Poland
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