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2016 | 30 | 45-56
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Optical Properties of Polyvinyl Chloride Doped with DCM dye Thin Films

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Optical properties such as absorption coefficients, refractive indices, and extinction coefficients of pure polyvinyl-chloride (PVC) and DCM laser dye doped with PVC thin films where prepared using casting method have been determined in the range between 190-1100nm. Measurement have been performed in pure and doped (PVC). The direct electronic transition and indirect energy gaps were calculated using the behaver of absorption coefficient with wavelength. The direct energy gap was 3.9e.V for pure PVC and 2e.V for doped PVC, but indirect energy gap was 2.4e.V for pure PVC and 1.1e.V for doped. The phonon energy was 1.05e.V for pure PVC and was 0.55e.V for DCM doped with PVC thin film.
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  • Physics Department, College of Science, Muthanna University, Al-Muthanna, Samawa, Iraq
  • 1Physics Department, College of Science, Muthanna University, Al-Muthanna, Samawa, Iraq
  • Department of Science, College of Basic Education, Muthanna University, Al-Muthanna, Samawa, Iraq
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