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2019 | 127 | 3 | 361-368
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Modified Landau-Lifshitz Energy Density in Reboucas-Tiomno-Korotkii-Obukhov Spacetime

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Energy-momentum (EM henceforth) localization problem is one of the old and unsolved issues theoretical physics. Plenty of studies have been introduced to clarify the localization problem and there are many prescriptions given in gravitational theories such as the general relativity (GR henceforth) and teleparallel gravity (TG henceforth) to deal with this issue. In a recent work, the energy-momentum localization problem has been extended to a modified theory of gravity. In the present work, we calculate energy density associated with the Reboucas-Tiomno-Korotkii-Obukhov (RTKO henceforth) spacetime by making use of the modified gravity version of Landau-Lifshitz (mLL henceforth) formulation. Also, we consider some viable f(T)-gravity proposals.
Physical description
  • Department of Electricity and Energy, Tunceli Vocational College, Munzur University, Tunceli, TR-62000, Turkey
  • Department of Physics, Faculty of Arts and Science, Mersin University, Mersin, TR-33343, Turkey
  • Department of Physics, Faculty of Arts and Science, Mersin University, Mersin, TR-33343, Turkey
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