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2017 | 72 | 69-76
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DNA isolation method from human blood with MasterPure DNA Purification Kit™ – review article

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The main element of genomic molecular analysis is isolation of DNA from biological material. DNA isolation is an important process of PCR methods. Efficency of PCR processes depends of purness and concentration of DNA. Many methods allows to izolate good quality DNA. There are many Purification Kits and methods of extraction genomic material. We show available techniques and methods of increasing efficiency of the process in our studies. Previous data shows that operating with kits needs optimization, whilst protocols do not have all information about isolation process. We concentrate on Epicentre MasterPure DNA Purification Kit, which is cheap, fast and allows to purification nucleic acids from various materials. We show detailed advantages and disadvantages of this set. Our main aim is to develop protocol to get optimal concentration (50-100 ng/μL) and pureness (A 260/280; 1.6-1.9) of DNA. We also should optimize the process of DNA isolation to obtain efficiency of about 100%. Optimized methodology of DNA isolation, with using MasterPure DNA Purification Kit allows to get good quality material in laboratory without specialistic equipment. This survey contains our assumptions of ways how we can influent on purification process according to previous data.
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