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2019 | 123 | 161-180
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The variable phase approach: phase, amplitude and wave functions of the states for np- system for Argonne v18 potential

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Numerical calculations of the values of phase, amplitude and wave functions for the nucleon-nucleon potential Argonne v18 are carried out using the variable phase approach. Peculiarities of the behavior of these functions are described for coordinates up to 7 fm and with energies of interaction Еlab = 1; 50; 100; 150; 250; 350 MeV. 1S0-, 1P1-, 3P0-, 3P1-, 1D2-, 3D2-, 1F3-, 3F3-, 1G4-, 3G4- states for the np- system are considered. The obtained graphic materials for the indicated functions can help to give a better and more complete quantum mechanical representation of the scattering phase and scattering amplitudes for the neuron-proton scattering, as well as better understand and supplement the data for the problem of scalar amplitude and the full cross-section of the nucleon-nucleon scattering.
Physical description
  • Department of Theoretical Physics, Uzhgorod National University, 54, Voloshyna St., Uzhgorod, UA-88000, Ukraine
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