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2019 | 130 | 195-215
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The Optical Path of Ancient Photons and the Supernova Project

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Here we present evidence that the analysis of the Supernova Project failed to consider the simplest model which is capable of predicting all type 1a Supernovae (SN1a) distances from their redshifts z. This model is based upon the Hypergeometrical Universe Theory (HU), where the Universe is a hyperspherical hypersurface under lightspeed radial expansion. This permits simple short-distance compliance with the Hubble Law. The mapping of the Hubble Law with the hyperspherical short-distance expansion provides a Current 4D radius of 13.58 Billion Light Years if we consider H0 = 72 km/s/Mpc. Notice that the Universe under the Hypergeometrical Universe Theory is an embedded hypersurface within a 4D Spatial Manifold, with a lightspeed expanding radius. Because of that it is possible to speak of Current (in absolute time) Universe. Einstein’s ideas about Time and Relativity are refuted by HU and astronomical observations.
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  • Rutgers University, Department of Mathematics, The Rutgers University of the State of New Jersey, New Brunswick, NJ, USA
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