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2019 | 131 | 1-14
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Structural Characterization of Multicomponent High Entropy Alloys Processed by Mechanical Alloying

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Today’s challenge is focused on the reserch and development of best quality and nobel property materials. So new alloys have been developed at the turn of the new millennium referred to as high entropy alloys. These alloys have been achieved through equiatomic substitution, by replacing individual components with multi-component equiatomic or near-equiatomic mixtures of chemically similar species. The present work includes the processing of Multi-component high entropy alloys (HEA) FeNiCoCrCu. The HEA is synthesized by ball milling, Milling hour varies from 0 hour to 40 hour. For the structural analysis X-Ray Diffraction (XRD) as characterization technique is adopted. XRD analyses shows that the intensity of the peaks corresponding to BCC and HCP crystal structures get reduced with increase in milling time. An affinity to FCC phase formation is observed with increase in milling time. The lattice parameter of individual component was determined viz. Bragg’s method.
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  • Mechanical Engineering Department, Goverment College of Engineering, Keonjhar, Odisha, India
  • Mechanical Engineering Department, Goverment College of Engineering, Keonjhar, Odisha. India
  • CSIR-Institute of Minerals & Materials Technology (IMMT), Bhubaneswar, Odisha, India
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