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2021 | 35 | 118-134
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Quantitative analysis of physical and chemical attribute of soil around power-line dumpsite at Boji-Boji Owa, Delta State, Nigeria

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The study ascertains some physiochemical properties of soils around Power-line dumpsite at Boji-Boji Owa, Delta State, Nigeria. In order to evaluate the effects of municipal solid waste dumpsites on soils, soil samples were collected with the aid of a graduated soil auger at depths of 0 – 10 cm, 15 – 25 cm and 25 – 40 cm, representing top to sub and bottom soil sand also 500 m away from dumpsites which serves as control site (R). Samples were taken for laboratory analyses to determine the level of physiochemical properties such as: pH, grain size distribution, Electrical Conductivity (Ec), Organic Carbon (OC), Organic Matter (OM), Available Phosphorous (Av. P), Overall Nitrogen (ON), Basic Cations and Cation Exchange Capacity (CEC) in soils. Results obtained from the study, revealed that values between waste dumpsite and control site were significantly different. Findings showed that the pH value in sampled soils from studied dumpsites ranged from 6.22±0.06 and 7.97±0.04 while the mean pH value for controlled site was 39.8±0.08. The increase in the pH value of the sampled soil indicated an increase in CEC mean value of soil which ranged from 4.73±0.30 and 10.28±0.46 mEq/100 g while a low pH indicated low CEC mean value of 1.50±0.22 mEq/100 g. This is because there exists a positively significant relationship between pH, OC, OM, Av.P, ON, basic cations and CEC. As Ec varied between 692±4.50 to 918±4.03 μScm-1, OC varied between 0.05±0.00 to 0.64±0.03%, OM varied between 0.10±0.06 to 0.57±0.07%, Av.P varied between 8.98±0.06 to 25.36±0.22 mg/kg and ON varied between 0.44±0.01 to 0.93±0.03% across all studied dumpsites.
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  • Department of Environment Management and Pollution Control, Nigeria Maritime University, Okerenkoko, Nigeria
  • Department of Chemical Engineering, Federal University of Technology, Minna Nigeria
  • Department of Geology, Ebonyi State University, Ebonyi State, Nigeria
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