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2020 | 141 | 1-11
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Natural - Resource Curse, Niger Delta Crisis and Oil Exploration in Nigeria: A Theoretical Analysis

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This investigation inspects the contemporary Niger Delta crisis and its socioeconomic problems, as well as the underdevelopment status in the region from one hand and the nation on the other hand to the discovery cum exploration of raw petroleum stores in huge amounts utilizing the Resource Curse hypothesis as a core interest. The investigation contended that the discovery of oil and its exploration in huge amount throughout the years has produced clashes as opposed to harmony between the host communities, the multinational corporations as well as the Government on the on hand, and has generated intra and inter-communal crisis on the other hand. The study addresses these substances and relates same to the exercises of the Federal Government of Nigeria and the act of Quasi-federalism in the nation since her freedom. The study embraces the recorded and scientific structure as it methodological part. This means that relevant data for the study were derived from secondary sources via; textbooks, journal articles, official documents, and web materials. Above all, the investigation proffers valuable suggestions to be embraced by the government of the league to take out blended emotions and crisis in the host communities just as that between the worldwide companies, government and the oil rich communities in the Niger Delta. Likewise of significance, is an extreme way to deal with crisis is for the Government to dispense with the underdevelopment status of the nation in the global financial cum political field?
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  • Department of Political Science, Delta State University Abraka, Delta State, Nigeria
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