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2017 | 75 | 26-32
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Changes in surface water microflora caused by discharge of purified sewage into rivers

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Progressive environmental degradation results in an increase in the number of waters that do not meet the standards in force. Surface waters are particularly vulnerable to pollution because they are receivers of purified water and agricultural or industrial wastewater flow. In addition, the local increase in temperature and the increase amount and availability of nutrients associated with wastewater discharged improves the microbial growth and thus increase their quantity. The treated sewage must meet certain requirements regarding their physicochemical and biological parameters. However, the regulations do not require to check microbiological quality by treatment plants, so the purpose of the study was to determine the impact of discharge of purified wastewater by the "Warta" sewage treatment plant down to Warta river. The study was conducted in 2008-2016 at three collection points near the place of discharge of purified sewage from Warta SA sewage treatment plant. It has been demonstrated that the process of sewage treatment is not enough in terms of microbiological pollution because the water samples collected at the points behind the discharge site of the effluent into the river were characterized by increased abundance and microbiological diversity.
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