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2016 | 49 | 2 | 78-89
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Detection of wormhole attack using cooperative bait detection scheme

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Mobile Ad-Hoc Network is an wireless systems it supports mobile communication in a network. MANETs are affected by several security attacks but it affects the features that are like open medium, dynamical changes in topology, lack of central monitoring and management and it not obtain the clear defence mechanism to MANETs. To prevent or detect malicious nodes launching collaborative wormhole attacks is a challenge. The existing system designs a dynamic source routing (DSR)-based routing mechanism, but it is also referred to as the cooperative bait detection scheme (CBDS) to detect the wormhole attacks effectively. Here we describes the various wormhole attacks and prevention methods for wormhole attack.
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  • Department of Computer Science & Engineering, Anna University Regional Centre, Tamil Nadu, India
  • Department of Computer Science & Engineering, Anna University Regional Centre, Tamil Nadu, India
  • Department of Computer Science & Engineering, Anna University Regional Centre, Tamil Nadu, India
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