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2018 | 9 | 54-65
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Skały impaktowe struktury Ternowka, Ukraina

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Impact rocks from the Terny structure in Ukraine
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The Terny structure is an example of the highly denuded astrobleme, formed in crystalline target rocks of the Ukrainian Shield. Primarily, its impactites were discovered in two mines of iron ore, Pervomaysk and Annovsk, established in jaspilite and magnetite deposits. The Terny impactites are characterised by examples of various breccias, including a ferrugineous one and suevite, and melt rock (tagamite). Quartz of low birefringence, multidirectional PDFs in quartz, isotropic glassy quartz and glass globules evidence an impact influence on rocks. Clasts of melt/glassy quartz were partly brecciated or changed into clay minerals. Clasts of metamorphosed rocks in matrix of breccia are angular or rounded. Their sharp or diffuse contacts with matrix prove the influence of a unidirectional factor on the formation of breccia.
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