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2020 | 145 | 128-143
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Production of Glucose from Hydrolysis of Potato Starch

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Glucose is a very important raw material for the pharmaceutical and beverage industries. Currently industrial production of glucose involves enzyme hydrolysis of potato starch. Potato tuber is carbohydrate rich crop, but less exploited for glucose production. In this project we attempt to produce glucose from potato tuber the process involve extracting extract followed by acid hydrolysis. We also produce a sulphonated salicylic acid (SSA). The SSA was explored as a solid acid for the potato starch hydrolysis. The SSA was converted into polymeric frame work using Bakelite reaction. The rate of glucose formation using HCl was compared to the polymeric SSA.
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  • Central Chemistry Laboratory, Department of Chemistry, Faculty of Physical Sciences, University of Ilorin, Tanke, 240003, Nigeria
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