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2015 | 23 | 73-89
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Preparation and Study of CdS thin films at different concentration thiorea by chemical bath deposition (CBD) method

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CdS nanostructure are prepared by chemical bath deposition CBD method using different thiourea concentrations. The thiourea concentration effect for CdS nanostructure deposited on glasses substrate have been studied. CdS nanostructure give important analysis of X-ray diffraction (XRD), optical transmittance using (UV-Vis) spectroscopy, in addition to characterization of Atomic force microscopy (AFM) to analyze surface morphology of a film and to determine the grain size have proved a good agreement with experimental and theoretical results.
Physical description
  • Physics Department, University of Al- Mustansiriya, Baghdad, Iraq
  • Physics Department, University of Al- Mustansiriya, Baghdad, Iraq
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