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2020 | 139 | 2 | 61-75
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Influence of temperature variation on vibration of rectangular plate of visco-elastic material

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This paper deals with free vibration modes and natural frequencies of a thin visco-elastic, non-homogeneous rectangular plate with clamped ends. First two modes of frequency parameter of vibration are derived on the basis of Rayleigh-Ritz technique. Since the effect of temperature decreases the efficiency and durability of the structure, influence of bi-parabolic temperature variations on vibration of rectangular plate is analyzed. Tapering in rectangular plate is assumed bi-exponentially in x-and y-direction. Effect of non-homogeneity is discussed with exponential variation in density of the plate’s material i.e. visco-elastic material “Duralium” which is an alloy of aluminum. Vibration modes of clamped plate are calculated for various values of thermal gradient, taper parameters and non-homogeneity constant. Results are explained with the help of the graphs.
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  • Department of Mathematics, DAV College Sadhaura, Yamunanagar, India
  • Department of Applied Mathematics, Maharaja Agrasen Institute of Technology, Delhi, India
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