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2020 | 11 | 141-157
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Spadki meteorytów w 2019 roku. Okoliczności i obserwacje

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Meteorite falls in 2019. Circumstances and observations
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In 2019 two meteorite showers occurred on Earth, which ended with the fall of hundreds of fragments in Cuba and Costa Rica. Apart from them, meteorites with a total weight of probably less than 10 kg landed in Algeria, Morocco, Iran, India, and Germany. This work is another summary of the year in terms of meteorite falls. It includes information on the circumstances of these phenomena and their scientific consequences. The author collected information from many sources, especially the media and meteorite hunters, to describe in a brief form how the meteorites fell last year. The purpose of his work is to gather basic and proven knowledge, which can serve as an inspiration to further explore the history of meteorites, own meteorite hunting, and draw the attention of researchers to interesting falls in distant regions of the world.
Physical description
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