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2019 | 132 | 285-290
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Alien tropical snail, the red-rimmed melania Melanoides tuberculata Müller, 1774 (Thiaridae) from artificial lake in Warsaw, Central Poland

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This paper describes the case of introduction of an exotic ornamental snail, Melanoides tuberculata (Thiaridae) in an artificial water reservoir in Pole Mokotowskie park complex in Warsaw, Poland. Observed individuals have been identified, described and presented in photographs. The basic physicochemical parameters of water were analyzed and prospects for the population were evaluated. Another second species of aquatic ornamental snail - Physa acuta (Physidae) was found in the same water reservoir. The observation was analyzed with available literature describing introductions of alien species of aquatic origin in Polish waters.
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  • Department of Genetics and Animal Breeding, Faculty of Animal Sciences, Warsaw University of Life Sciences, ul. Ciszewskiego 8, 02-786 Warsaw, Poland
  • Faculty of Animal Sciences, Warsaw University of Life Sciences, ul. Ciszewskiego 8, 02-786 Warsaw, Poland
  • Laboratory of Marine Organisms Reproduction, Faculty of Food Sciences and Fisheries, West Pomeranian University of Technology, ul. Kazimierza Królewicza 4, 70-001, Szczecin, Poland
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