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2018 | 93 | 23-31
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Effect of acid whey as starter culture on selected physicochemical properties of fermented pork sausage

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The aim of the study was to evaluate the effect of acid whey as a starter culture on selected physicochemical properties of fermented pork sausage after ripening (21 days). Four variants of the product have been produced. The first variant (PKS) - cured sausage (2.8%) with starter cultures. Second variant (SSK) – salted sausage (2.8%) with acid whey (5%). Third variant (SKS) – salted sausage (2.8%) with starter cultures. In the fourth variant (PSK), sea salt (2.8%) and acid whey (5%) were used. The research included determination of pH value, water activity, TBARS indicator, analysis of total content of haem pigments and heme iron, determination of color parameters by CIE L * a * b * system and analysis of sausage texture parameters (TPA). The pH values of sausages with acid whey were significantly lower compared to fermented sausages with starter cultures. The highest TBARS index was observed in the SSK (0.612 mg MDA / kg), and the lowest in the PKS sample (0.118 mg MDA / kg). The highest overall content of heme dyes and heme iron was recorded in the PSK test. A higher share of redness was observed in the general tone of color in cured sausages (PKS, PSK) by about 1-2 units compared to salted samples (SSK, SKS). In case of texture, significantly higher values of the hardness parameter were observed in the PSK test as compared to the remaining test samples. Based on the tests, it has been found that it is possible to use acid whey as a starter culture in fermented pork sausage. However, the best results were obtained in the curing sample with acid whey (PSK).
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