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2014 | 5 | 47-51
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Migracja żelaza w indochinicie podczas jego wygrzewania w 1100°C: badania EMPA i XRD

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Iron migration in indochinite during heating in 1100°C: EMPA and XRD investigation
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Iron reach tektite represented by indochinite was examined by using EMP and XRD after 120 min long heating in oxide atmosphere at 1100°C. The electron microprobe analyses as well as BSE images reveal loss of iron in tektite bulk composition. Iron as a element was incorporated into a new, probable mineral phase that is mostly present on the surface of the indochinite. Size and textural relation of the Fe-rich phase does not permit to analize it. XRD data does not reveal presence of any mineral rich in Fe including metallic iron.
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