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2019 | 125 | 239-244
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Persistent overcorrection after incorrect lipofilling treatment – A case report

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Lipofilling (lipotransfer) is a method of autogenous (own) fat tissue graft, used in aesthetic medicine and plastic surgery to correct face, breasts, hands, buttocks. It is a treatment with a relatively high safety profile, distinguished by low invasiveness and low risk of complications. Its greatest advantage is the use of its own fat tissue, which minimises the occurrence of allergic reactions and the possibility of biofilm formation. White adipose tissue can be easily obtained and contains a relatively large amount of mesenchymal stem cells, what significantly affects the results obtained in this procedure - skin more tense, moisturised, looking younger. An important disadvantage of the procedure is the inability to precisely predict the final effect of the procedure, the overcorrection, the occurrence of fat cysts. The presented case shows persistent overcorrection of adipose tissue in the nasolabial folds of a 52-year-old patient as a complication after improper lipofilling.
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  • Faculty of Medicine, Department of Human Morphology and Embryology, Division of Histology and Embryology, Wroclaw Medical University, 6a Chalubinskiego Str., 50-368 Wroclaw, Poland
  • Faculty of Medicine, Department of Human Morphology and Embryology, Division of Histology and Embryology, Wroclaw Medical University, 6a Chalubinskiego Str., 50-368 Wroclaw, Poland
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