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Characteristics of galls formed by Lipara pullitarsis Doskočil & Chvála, 1971 (Diptera, Chloropidae) on common reed (Phragmites australis (Cav.) Trin. Ex Steud, 1841)

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We studied galls formed by Lipara pullitarsis in the apical part of common reed stems, paying particular attention to the number and length of internodes that formed the basal part of each gall. L. similis galls were used only as a reference for the study of L. pullitarsis galls, as they were characterised by a uniform structural pattern and a shape similar to some galls produced by L. pullitarsis. L. pullitarsis galls vary in shape. The species is found in conspicuous galls that are narrow at the base and have a wider apical part. It can also be found inside rod-shaped galls similar to those formed by L. similis. The shape of an L. pullitarsis gall is determined by the number and length of internodes that form its basal part, with the length of internodes III, IV and V being of the greatest significance.
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20 - 10 - 2016
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