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Flora synantropijna Piotrkowa Trybunalskiego i Tomaszowa Mazowieckiego

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Synanthropic flora of Piotrków Trybunalski and Tomaszów Mazowiecki
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Observations on the synanthropic flora of Piotrków Trybunalski and Tomaszów
Mazowiecki were performed in the years 1975—1979. Moreover, species of synanthropic
plants reported earlier in the literature for this area (Kulesza 1918— 1919,
Mowszowicz 1960, Sowa 1971, Warcholińska 1974 a. b; are considered.
In general, 644 plant species were found on anthropogenic stands of Piotrków
Trybunalski and Tomaszów Mazowiecki, from this number 578 species for
Piotrków (342 species not reported hitherto) and 622 species for Tomaszów (351
species noted for the first time).
Biological spectrum of the species (tab. 1) points to a small predominance of
perennial species over annual ones (Piotrków 51.7%, Tomaszów 52.2%). Geographical-historical analysis demonstrated a considerable predominance of
apophyles (Piotrków 60.5%>, Tomaszów 62.3% — tab. 2). Among plant species of this
group, most abundant were forest and scrub species (Piotrków and Tomaszów
19.3%), meadow (Piotrków 16.9%, Tomaszów 16.3%) and aquatic species (Piotrków
11.4%, To-maszów 10.G%). Among anthropophytes (Piotrków 39.5%, Tomaszów 37.7%)
most frequent are archeophytes (Piotrków 18.5%, Tomaszów 17.1%) — tab. 2.
Most of anthropophytes occurring on areas of the investigated towns origin
from South-Europe-Western-Asiatic regions (Piotrków 30.6%, Tomaszów 31.2%) and
South-European regions (Piotrków 27.1%, Tomaszów 27.7%). Less abundant are species
originating from America (Piotrków 15.6%, Tomaszów 16.4%) and from other
parts of Asia (Piotrków 15.6%, Tomaszów 14.3%) — tab. 3.
As far as stand preference is concerned, in both town dominate species occurring
on various types of stands (Piotrków 381, Tomaszów 475) — tab. 5.
Numerical values of indexes of synathropization (159), modernization (0.51) and
lability (72) for Tomaszów Mazowiecki are higher in comparison with those for
Piotrków Trybunalski (S = 156, M = 0.48, I = 69) and point to a higher level of
technological development of the former town (tab. 4).
Artykuł zawiera wyniki badań, przeprowadzonych w latach 1975—1979,
nad florą synantropijną Piotrkowa Trybunalskiego (P) i Tomaszowa Mazowieckiego
(T). Florę synantropijną tych miast cechuje duża różnorodność
i bogactwo, co wiąże się z zróżnicowaniem siedlisk. Na terenie obu miast
stwierdzono 644 gatunki, w tym 556 (86%) gatunków wspólnych. Flora synantropijna
Piotrkowa Trybunalskiego liczy 578 gatunków, a Tomaszowa
Mazowieckiego — 613 gatunków. Wśród roślin naczyniowych obu miast
przeważają apofity (P — 60,5%, T — 62,3%).
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