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2020 | 34 | 2 | 16-25

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Match performance in Polish amputee soccer Extra Ligue – a pilot study


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Introduction The purpose of this pilot study was to determine match performance in AS considering playing positions, two halves, and playing time. Material and methods Twelve amputee soccer players were monitored for two days during the tournament of Polish Extra Ligue. The match performance data and heart rate (HR) response were collected from 4 matches (lasted 2x20 min) by Polar Team Pro. Gathered data included HR parameters, time in HRmax zones, speed, covered distance, and speed zones. Differences between two halves, 6-10 min vs. above 10 min playing time, and playing positions were assessed. Results There were not statistically differences between two halves in HR response, percentage of time in HRmax zones, speed, distance, and percentage of time in speed zones (except III HRmax zone). Significantly higher heart rate reserve and HRmax values, and total cover distance were observed in the longer playing time. Goalkeepers had significantly lower results than other players. Midfielders and defenders were similar in terms of HR response and percentage of time spent in HRmax zones. Strikers spent significantly more percentage of time in high-intensity running zone than other players. Conclusions These results brought a new knowledge to amputee soccer coaches and players about significant differences in match load relating to playing position as well as playing time. This knowledge can be beneficial in planning amputee soccer training as well as preparing special physical fitness tests corresponding to real effort during a game.








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