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2019 | 1 | 2 | 41-52
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Clinical and epidemiological aspects of acute pancreatitis – 10 years of single-center experience

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Background We can observe an increase in acute pancreatitis (AP) incidence in the recent years. Material and methods Retrospective clinical data analysis of 370 patients with AP, hospitalized between 2007 and 2016 at our Department. Results AP was diagnosed during 406 hospitalisation in 370 patients [average age 52.15 (21-93), 237(64.05%) male]. AP of high clinical severity was diagnosed in 60/370 (16.22%) patients. Average time of hospitalisation was 16.13 (1-121) days. Mortality was 12/406 (2.96%). The after effect of AP in form of parapancreatic fluid reservoirs was diagnosed in 202/406 (54.59%) cases. Comparing the early phase of the study (2007-2011) and the later one (2012-2016) a shorter time of hospitalisation was proven and a lower mortality of the patients in the later phase of the study. Analysis of patients' blood tests revealed that patients with severe AP have significantly elevated levels of inflammatory parameters and amylase comparing to group with mild and moderate AP, during the first days of hospitalisation. Conclusions The development of conservative treatment options for AP, especially in early stages of the illness, has significantly shortened the duration of hospitalisation of patients with AP at our Department.
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