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2020 | 3 | 1 | 34-42
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Anthropometric measurements, nutritional status and body composition in children with cystic fibrosis – the prospective study

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Background Cystic fibrosis(CF),despite much progress in therapy, remains the disease which affects nutrition. Nutrition is an important prognostic factor of the outcome of the disease. We want to evaluate physical development, nutrition and body composition in CF children. Material and methods 75 children diagnosed with CF (9 months to 18 years old) were included into the study. 33 healthy children (9 months to 18 years old) constituted the control group. The study consisted of 2 stages. In the first the differences between groups were investigated. The second, took place a year later. At each time point the following measurements were performed: height, body mass, skin fold, arm circumference; BMI, FFM%, FM% and Frisancho index. FFM(fat free mass), FM(fat mass), muscle mass, TBW(total body water) were evaluated by mans of BIA(bioimpedance). Results CF children were shorter than healthy children. Stunting affected 18,67% of CF patients at first examination and 21,6% a year later. Underweight was diagnosed in 28% of patients at the beginning and in 41.2% a year after. Underweight was the result of both little FM and scarce muscle mass. Conclusions Many children with cystic fibrosis suffers from short stature and underweight, which progresses within time. FFM decreases with the disease progress
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