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2020 | 2 | 2 | 52-60
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Quality of life after laparoscopic sleeve gastrectomy – review of literature

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Background: Last decade brought changes in trends of most frequently performed types of bariatric procedures. Despite the well-grounded knowledge of bariatric surgery positive impact on comorbidities, life prolongation, cancer risk, depression etc. there is still insufficient data on patients’ quality of life (QoL) after surgery. Methods: In this review PubMed and Scopus databases as well as Mendeley search engine were used for searching publications from last ten years focusing on QoL after LSG. 702 abstracts were reviewed. 13 publications, with 1630 patients in total were finally included. Results: Six different QoL tools were used: SF-36, BAROS, Moorehead-Ardelt II questionnaire, IWQOL-Lite, GIQLI and SF8. In majority of publications QoL was improved. Pre and postoperative assessment with SF-36 showed significant improvement. The mean BAROS score was 5.1-7.1 with 77-96% of patients achieving good to excellent outcomes. In some studies, QoL was better in females and in one study QoL did not achieve results of general population norms. There was no improvement in QoL after LSG in some studies or no correlation between %EWL and health related QOL. Conclusions: There is limited good quality research into QoL after LSG, though quality of life seems to be better after that procedure.
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