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2019 | 1 | 2 | 31-35
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The topographic relationship between the maxillary teeth roots and the maxillary sinus floor assessed using panoramic radiographs.

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Introduction The topographic relation between the maxillary teeth roots and the maxillary sinus floor is important for diagnosis and planning of many surgical procedures. The aim of the study was to assess the topographic relationship between posterior maxillary teeth and the sinus floor. Materials and methods 50 pantomographs of patients aged 18-72, treated at the Medical University of Gdańsk, were analysed. We analysed only maxillary molars and premolars. Teeth were assessed using Kwak classification. Statistical analysis was carried out using STATISTICA 13.3. Results We analysed 180 molars and 181 premolars (total 361). According to the root-sinus classification, most of the first molars were type V (55.96%), most of the second molars – type III (32.29%), most of the first premolars – type I (76.09%) and most of the second premolars – type III (35.96%). Non-parametric Spearman’s rank-order correlation coefficient revealed significant correlation between right and left molars and between right and left premolars (p<0.05). Conclusions Proper assessment of the pantomograph allows for correct pre-operative planning, which may affect the course of the procedure and enables to avoid possible complications. These findings may have clinical applications.
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